Screening Report: World’s Greatest Dad

Sunday July 4th 2010

Rival UK movie blog The Incredible Suit (which has the distinction of having an even crapper name than Ultra Culture) recently wrote a post about their first ever press screening experience. I chuckled while I read it, not only because it was funny and used the word ‘schism’, but also because I like to imagine that I am entirely unfazed and unimpressed by the luxuries affording to film critics.

In reality, I am very easy to faze and impress, as I discovered on Friday afternoon at a press screening of World’s Greatest Dad, the quirky American indie comedy starring Robin Williams.

We arrived at the Charlotte Street Hotel’s fancy underground screening room to find 70 very important-looking people milling around drinking champagne. And these weren’t bloggers, some of them were from telly:

(Excuse the quality of these photos by the way, I’m still waiting on that complimentary iPhone 4 from Apple.)

After drinking the champagne (which I don’t really like if I’m honest but I didn’t want to be the philistine of the group) I asked one of the hotel staff for a glass of white wine and she opened a brand new bottle. The facts spoke for themselves: I’d arrived.

After ten minutes of hanging around looking awkward we went in to the screening room and sat down. Then the bloody director came out and introduced the film for us:

I don’t really know who he is either, but apparently he’s quite a big deal in the States. Luckily, he in turn introduced another man who I was familiar with: only Robin fucking Williams! Yes, the Bicentennial Man himself came on stage to tell us (and 70 others, but who’s counting?) all about the film. He even did a bit of the Scottish accent that he so famously exhibited in Mrs. Doubtfire. Here’s the best photo I could get:

The audience dazed and star-struck, the movie began. Unfortunately, reviews are embargoed until week of release (which isn’t until September or some shit) so I can’t tell you what I thought of it.

Spoiler Alert: I won’t be disagreeing with the Tomatometer this time.