The greatest movie soundtrack album of all time. OF ALL TIME!

Monday July 5th 2010

I got something cool in the post this weekend. It’s a limited edition Trash Humpers 7″ soundtrack, hand-signed and ‘hand-filthed’ by director Harmony Korine. It says it’s 48/500 so I can only imagine how bored Korine was by the time he got around to drawing his 500th penis on to a bit of brown paper.

The front also has some kind of food smudged into it, but it’s hard to tell exactly what it is. Meanwhile, on the back…

… he’s scrawled TRASH PUSSY, drawn a squiggly line and stuck on a Granny Smith sticker. You know, ‘the usual’.

The album itself is short and sweet, with most tracks clocking in at under a minute, and features such hits as ‘Kitchen Strangulation’, ‘Chitshit’ and ‘You Girls Juss Suck Large Fat Penis’. Here’s a little sample from one of the film’s most haunting tracks, the endlessly repeated ‘Three Little Devils’:

So it’s not exactly dinner party music. But as film artifacts go, this is something pretty special. The soundtrack can be bought on a variety of formats here, although the signed 7″ appears to have sold out.

Git that trash pussy!