A few words on ‘The Taking of Pelham 123’

Tuesday April 7th 2009

I went to see The Damned United the other night (8/10) and while I was there I saw a trailer that everybody else this side of Aint It Cool News has already seen.

I haven’t seen the original The Taking of Pelham 123, nor have I seen the bizarre 1998 Donnie Wahlberg made-for-TV version, but from what I understand it involves a tube (insert ‘subway’) train, an angry hijacker played by John Travolta and a calm, collected train dispatcher played by Denzel Washington (seen here dressed as Wally from ‘Where’s Wally?’)

As shit as it sounds, it looks pretty pumped. You can peep the trailer here.

Incidentally, if you’re wondering why Travman looks so familiar in the above picture…

P.S. It’s directed by Tony Scott so its bound to be pretty rough.