The A-Team

Tuesday July 27th 2010

Perhaps inevitably, Joe Carnahan’s A-Team reboot is exactly the same film as The Losers, just with a little more brand recognition. It’s a massive parade of ridiculousness (the much-hyped ‘tank falling from a plane’ scene is one of the more restrained set pieces) which even the $100 million budget has trouble keeping up with, hence some slightly sub-par CGI work.

But where the sheer superficiality of it all could come across as offensive elsewhere, there’s a layer of knowing charm to the whole thing that saves the day. And Neeson, Cooper, Copley and Jackson have a million times more charisma than you’ll find amongst Stallone’s gang of OAP Expendables.

Sure, it’s thirty minutes too long and often there’s so many explosions going on that it’s hard to hear what’s actually being said, but for a Big Summer Blockbuster, you could certainly do a lot worse.

P.S. It fails to break the universal law that all post-credit scenes are fucking awful.