The cast of EuroTrip: Where are they now?

Monday July 12th 2010

As regular readers of this blog will already know, I have an obsession with the 2004 teen comedy EuroTrip that borders on the unhealthy. For my money it’s quite easily one of – if not the – greatest comedy movie of the last decade and considering you can pick it up on Amazon for under £3, you’re an idiot if it’s not already in your collection.

Despite my praise, the much underrated cast of EuroTrip have not encountered anything like the world of success they deserve in the six years since its release. Fuck the ‘Superman Curse’, this is the real injustice. See for yourself:

Scott Mechlowicz,
‘Scott Thomas’

Mr. Mechlowicz was on the top of the world back in 2004, exercising his considerable talents in both EuroTrip and the almost-as-underrated indie drama Mean Creak. Since then? An Season One episode of House M.D., a terrible Nick Nolte movie and even *shudder* a British horror film. Poor Scotty.

Jacob Pitts,
‘Cooper Harris’

Pitt isn’t doing quite so badly, as a major player on two of the US’s biggest cable shows: HBO’s The Pacific and FX’s Justified. On the big screen however, the last six years have seen him play the coveted role of ‘Rap Magazine Employee’ in Across the Universe and a college-age sidekick to Jim Sturgess in the awful awful awful 21.

Michelle Trachtenberg,

Probably the most enduring of the principal cast, Michelle Tractenberg is by all acounts ‘still around’. But given that she started off as Harriet the Spy, went through three seasons of Buffy and is now playing teenagers (at 25) in such hits as 17 Again and Cop Out, I’d say it’s still a downwards trajectory.

Travis Wester,

The thesp behind camera enthusiast and avid Frommer’s Travel Guides fan Jamie has not done very well in the intervening years. After appearing in one episode of every TV police drama ever made, Wester now stars in Ghostfacers, an online spin-off of popular American horror series Supernatural. It’s online, you see.

Jessica Boehrs,

Although she hasn’t appeared in any movies since EuroTrip, it’s actually quite hard to judge whether or not Jessica Boehrs’ career is doing well because most of her subsequent credits have been on German-language TV shows. After all, she’s practically a regular on Sturm der Liebe and that sounds like the best TV show ever made.

Kristin Kreuk,

Even though Kristin Kreuk has made only one film since her feature debut in EuroTrip (the almost-certainly brilliant Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li) her name stills seems to carry some weight, and I was struggling to work out why. Until I discovered that Smallville is STILL going. After nearly 10 years! Madness.

Nial Iskhakov,
‘Bert Thomas’

As irritating as he is, Scotty’s younger brother inspires more than a few laughs in the film’s first half. So it’s surely proof of the non-existence of God that Nial Iskhakov has yet to add a third credit to his IMDb entry (he played ‘Austrian Child’ in Chasing Liberty prior to his ‘breakout’ role). Especially when the ‘annoying younger brother’ from the American Pie franchise is still in work.

Molly Schade,

Equally unsuccessful is Molly Schade, whose only role beyond her debut here was in the 2004 short film Rift. As a result, a Google search for her name yields millions of topless screenshots from her 60 seconds of EuroTrip screen time, and not much else. Just think, Malin Åkerman could just have easily been ‘that topless girl from Harold & Kumar‘ had Watchmen not saved her from obscurity.

Matt Damon,

Fuck knows what this guy’s up to nowadays.