Blu-ray: Donnie Darko

Monday July 19th 2010

I got the ‘ultimate’ 2-disc edition of Donnie Darko on Blu-ray in the post last week (it’s out today), which is exciting for obvious reasons. Having not seen the film since I was about 12, I was intrigued to see how it would hold up.

I popped the disc in, selected the Original Version over the Director’s Cut (there’s no way I’m trusting Richard Kelly with a movie as good as Donnie Darko) and sat back for 113 minutes of high definition existential fun.

It’s a properly great film, full of incredible atmospheric moments and shit hot cinematography. The HD transfer isn’t exactly the best I’ve seen (a lot of the movie seems kind of fuzzy) but at least it suits the tone of the film. This isn’t Minority Report ffs.

It’s also interesting to consider how the fortunes of the film’s stars have changed in the intervening 9 years (not to mention the fortunes of Richard Kelly, who’s second only to M. Night Shyamalan in his ability to go from Hollywood wunderkind to most hated man on the planet in under a decade) …

Too soon?

Anyway, it may not be entirely ultimate, but it’s worth a tenner surely.