Ponce Tipi

Wednesday July 14th 2010

Christopher Nolan’s Inception is two and a half hours long and incredibly ambitious, blending all kinds of genres into a big highly-original ball which isn’t the easiest watch in the world but also doesn’t really drag. However, it’s hard not to think that Christopher Nolan is so insanely drunk with power that, in his desperation to make something completely mind-blowing, he’s also crafted a film which spends two hours laboriously explaining all of its ‘rules’, just so that audiences will understand what’s going on in the admittedly amazing final half-hour, which in itself is pretty much a masterclass in pacing, tension and in-camera effects work.

I’m going to see it again before I make my mind up about its place, if any, on The List.

Note: I’m not sure how highly I’d recommend the ‘IMAX experience’ this time round. Essentially all they’ve done is cropped the film down to 16:9 and enlarged it way beyond the capabilities of 35mm, making the whole thing look ever so slightly soft.