Belated Review: Get Him to the Greek

Sunday July 25th 2010

I went to see Get Him to the Greek last weekend at a real cinema full of real human beings. It was surreal. Not only because there were people actually paying for movies but also because, despite a 73% on Rotten Tomatoes, the film is patently crap.

Sure, it’s got a lot of funny moments, most of them down to the chemistry between Jonah Hill and Russell Brand (who, as much as I don’t want him to be good, is very good) but Get Him to the Greek is a total mess of a movie, jumping around from one idea to the next as it desperately tries to re-create what made Forgetting Sarah Marshall good.

Where Marshall had the effortless taboo breaking of Jason Segel’s fully-exposed penis, Greek throws in scene after scene of supposedly shocking antics which after a while, far from being surprised by, you’re actively expecting. Where the clips from Hollywood gossip shows, TV dramas and music videos slotted perfectly into Marshall, telling us more about the characters in an original and often hilarious way, Greek feels the need to open with about twenty minutes of uninterrupted montage, which gets old fast.

Stylistically, it’s obviously a Japatow production but feels like a bit of a step back from Funny People, in terms of both confidence and maturity. It’s attitude to its female characters makes the notoriously women-hating Knocked Up look like some kind of feminist manifesto.

It’s a shame too, because any film with a montage of London signposts is normally OK in my book.