Aiii Playa

Tuesday July 20th 2010

The movie selection on the BBC’s iPlayer website is getting better and better and better. This week, the following movies are available to view immediately in glorious HD video:

Eastern Promises (dir. David Cronenberg)
Available until 12:14am Sunday 25th July

The Damned United (dir. Tom Hooper)
Available until 10:34pm Sunday 25th July

Dan In Real Life (dir. Peter Hedges)
Available until 12:44am Thursday 22nd July

Is Anybody There? (dir. John Crowley)
Available until 10:39pm Saturday 24th July

I can’t personally vouch for the last two, but they’re all ‘Fresh’ on Rotten Tomatoes so they’re probably not that bad, and if you’ve got all the right cables like I have for a bit of cheeky Laptop –> TV connecting, then there’s absolutely no excuse for you not to be enjoying the fuck out of at least one of these RIGHT NOW.

Get on it.