I declare Somerset House open

Friday July 30th 2010

It was the Opening (K)night of the Film4 Summer Screen at Somerset House last night and it went off ‘with a bang’. As expected, Knight & Day is so nothingy that it’s only about two facial expressions away from ceasing to exist entirely, but free cocktails, a fancy terrace reception and a special video introduction from Tommy C and Cammy D helped to ensure that the night was a certified success.

Tickets are still available for Black Narcissus, Master and Commander and Paths of Glory (!) so if you’re even thinking about not going to at least one night, fuhggedaboudit. I’m hoping to be at all three double bills and, of course, Mulholland Drive. It’s Kill Bill / Enter the Dragon tonight – cannot fucking wait.

But while we’re on the subject, when did everything start being sponsored by Jameson? It’s like 2010’s answer to Vitamin Water.