Tuesday August 10th 2010

The genuinely hilarious blaxploitation homage Black Dynamite has been such a long time coming that we’ve re-designed the site twice since we posted the trailer oh so many moons ago. For the benefit of those of you who haven’t been reading Ultra Culture for that long (all of you), here it is again:

Starring and co-written by Michael Jai White (the guy whose goon got the pencil in his head in The Dark Knight), the film is a awesomely authentic blaxploitation movie in which our eponymous hero – a Vietnam vet, former CIA agent and all-round badass motherfucker – seeks to avenge his brother’s death by cleaning the streets of heroin.

Unlike almost all exploitation spoofs, Black Dynamite is neither inauthentic (Grindhouse) nor crap (Lesbian Vampire Killers) and it works as well as it does largely because it displays such a genuine affection for the genre it pays tribute to.

It probably won’t make it very far outside of London when it finally arrives in UK cinemas this Friday, but Black Dynamite is really worth a watch if you can find it. Apart from anything else, it will have you singing this for days afterwards:

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