What Ultra Culture readers would spend eighteen pounds on

Thursday August 5th 2010

On Tuesday we asked you what you’d spend £18 on if we gave you a couple of free tickets for an Edgar Wright double bill at the Ritzy. The answers we got were way better than the sort of competition responses we usually receive, so I thought I’d post a few of the more popular choices up here ‘for the lulz’.

9 people made a reference to one of Wright’s films:

‘Dunno… *sprays deodorant* Pub?’ – Ben

5 people said they’d buy a ticket for Ultra Culture Cinema:

‘Buy tickets for Scott Pilgrim (at ultraculturecinema) of course!’ Emma

4 people said they’d use the money to travel up to London:

‘spend it on what it’ll cost me for the train up from sunny Dorset’ – Bronni

[Bronni also sent a photograph of herself dressed up as a zombie barbie to prove that she has, in her own words, ‘the best hair you’ve ever seen’]

4 people said they’d buy prostitutes (both male and female):

‘Spend it on hookers. Really cheap hookers.’Joe

2 people opted for drugs:

‘Two tubs of Ben & Jerrys and a tenbag. Werd.’ Benny

2 people said they needed waxing:

‘get a wax. It’s WELL overdue’ – Rosie

But in the end, we went with a simple answer:

‘Haircut’ – Gareth Briggs

Congratulations Gareth, the tickets are yours on the express condition that you do indeed get a haircut. Seriously, you need one. It’s all starting to look a bit ‘shaggy’.