Saturday Video: ‘FЯED: The Movie’

Saturday August 7th 2010

In the four years since his creation, chances are you’ve accidentally encountered FЯED. Brainchild of sixteen-year-old Nebraskan ‘actor’ Lucas Cruikshank, Fred (Nickelodeon can fuck off if they think I’m going to keep inserting that backwards ‘R’) is basically a series of videos in which an annoying teenager makes himself even more annoying by raising the pitch of his voice and screaming at a camera for a few minutes.

He has 2 million subscribers on Youtube.

Now the inevitable straight-to-TV movie has arrived, and – believe it or not – it doesn’t look very good. You can tell because the most famous person in it is Pixie Lott.

I once conducted a phone interview with Pixie Lott. It went very badly. At the end of the interview, I realised that the whole conversation hadn’t actually recorded so I had to make up most of the quotes. Bad one, me. Anyway, I wonder if she’ll do an American accent, or stick to her British one?

I don’t care either way so long as I never have to find out…