‘Never Let Me Go’ to open this year’s London Film Festival

Thursday August 5th 2010

The gears of the 54th London Film Festival have officially started turning today, with the announcement that Mark Romanek’s awesome-looking Oscar bait Never Let Me Go will open the festival on Wednesday 13th October.

Unlike last year’s opener Fantastic Mr. Fox and 2008’s Frost/Nixon, this year’s choice will not be a World Premiere. In fact, the film will have already been on general release in the States for a month when the big night rolls around. Yay London!

Romanek had this to say:

I think I can speak for the entire cast and crew when I say that we are deeply honored and excited to have been selected to open this year’s festival. For me personally, it seems the perfect way to celebrate the conclusion of an incredible filmmaking experience in the UK.

You can expect a Closing Night announcement in the next couple of weeks, before the entire line-up is revealed at the big press launch on September 8th. I’ll be there, and I’ll be tweeting.

[That’s my new catchphrase by the way.]