The end of an 11-day era

Sunday August 8th 2010

The Film4 Summer Screen comes to an end today, with a screening of Peter Weir’s Master and Commander Colon The Far Side Of The World. I can’t make it unfortunately, but I’ve certainly had my fair share of outdoor filmic fun over the past 11 days, seeing Kill Bill Vol. 1, Enter the Dragon, Team America: World Police, A Town Called Panic, Mulholland Drive, Let The Right One In, The Lost Boys and OF COURSE Knight & Day.

As inspired as all the double bill selections were, the best night was hands-down Mulholland Drive. To see that film with 2000 people (all of whom stayed completely quiet – thank fuck) and have it interrupted by nothing but the slightest dusting of rain, was a truly amazing cinematic experience.

If you went, let me know what you thought on Facebook (I haven’t got anything better to do today) and if you’re going tonight, I hope you have all the boat-based fun in the world.