‘127 Hours’ to close this year’s London Film Festival

Tuesday August 17th 2010

Thanks to the wonders of blog post scheduling, you might not have noticed that I’ve been away since last Monday. Ultra Culture isn’t exactly built on the promise of topical news (LOL The Hangover LOL) so luckily for me, I can quite easily get away with writing two weeks of irreverent movie bloggage in advance.

Or at least I could have if it wasn’t for the London Fucking Film Festival, which last week announced that Danny Boyle’s man-on-a-mountain drama 127 Hours would close this year’s festival.

It would feel remiss not to at least mention it on the ‘UK’s Greatest Movie Blog’ so here I am: sitting on a train to Berlin typing this post slowly into my phone. Forgive teh spellung.

127 Hours has James Franco all over it and looks quite good even though it’s a Danny Boyle film and will therefore be distinctly ‘not great’. Like this year’s opener Never Let Me Go, it’s not going to be a world premiere (step up your game, LFF), but that hasn’t stopped Señor Boyle from waxing lyrical about how important the whole thing is:

‘I am honoured and delighted that 127 Hours has been selected to close the BFI London Film Festival. LFF played a vital role in the journey of Slumdog Millionaire in 2008 and it’s great to be bringing new work here and renewing a happy partnership. I can’t wait to unveil the new film and I hope it provides a worthy climax to what will hopefully be two weeks of great movies for our city.’

Meanwhile, LFF artistic director Sandra Hebron had this to say:

‘… it confirms Danny Boyle as one of the world’s finest and most visionary directors…’

And to that Sandra, I say WHAT YOU SMOKIN FOOL?