Marketing Disasters of Our Time: Cyrus

Sunday August 29th 2010

Cyrus is not a particularly mainstream proposition. It’s directed by the Mumblecore Kings themselves, Jay and Mark Duplass, which means it’s full of shaky HD camerawork and more crash zooms than your average Jason Statham movie. It’s also very subtle as comedies go, with no big set-pieces or out and out LMAO-moments, and although the central cast are all big names (at least compared with your average Duplass credit list), they haven’t quite got the selling power that Ben Stiller leant to this year’s other big Mumblecrossover, Greenberg.

So instead, Fox have decided the best way to promote Cyrus is total deception. Hence we get a music-saturated trailer which portrays the film as some kind of kooky blend of Little Miss Sunshine and Step Brothers, distorting the movie’s tone to such an extreme degree that it made it look totally shit. The posters have been equally bad, in particular the UK quad pictured above.

Bland doesn’t begin to describe the design, which must have taken somebody all of ten minutes to bash together. The tagline is equally lame, and the dynamic between the characters isn’t even hinted at. Is Jonah aiming a playful punch at John C or calling him a wanker? At least the French poster was a little more direct…

Those nutty French.

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is: please ignore all of this awful crap, because Cyrus is a very nice film and deserves to be seen by more people than just the small number of Superbad fans who go by mistake and leave after 15 minutes.