Next week in Mumblecore: Cyrus

Wednesday September 1st 2010

‘Regular readers’ will know how much I love a bit of Mumblecore. This week, the grandaddies of the scene are back in full effect with Cyrus, a comedy starring John C Reilly, Jonah Hill and Marisa Tomei. I’m talking of course, about The Duplass Brothers, the directing team behind such mumbleclassics as The Puffy Chair and Baghead.

Cyrus isn’t as bold as Noah Baumbach’s mainstream mumble Greenberg, but the three central performances are spot on and there’s plenty of subtle character stuff that’s very well observed, very funny and more importantly, very mumbly.

It’s a strange one to watch with an audience because the funny moments aren’t exactly signposted, so people tend to pick out different moments to find particularly LOLable. The man sitting behind me felt the need to do that ‘laugh and then do a single clap’ thing again and again to prove he was enjoying the film slightly more than the rest of us. I guess cunts will be cunts.

All in all, a satisfying transition into the Hollywood big leagues for the Duplasses, but I’d appreciate it if they could get the Mumblequeen back on board for whatever they do next.