Trash Humpers Update: A revolution in formats

Tuesday August 31st 2010

We’ve already dedicated a ludicrous amount of bandwidth to Harmony Korine’s brilliant Trash Humpers, not only because it was the second film we did for Ultra Culture Cinema, but also because Warp Films are doing such a fucking amazing job with it.

It’s getting a home video released on September 20th and these are the formats you have to choose from:

Enjoy waste fornication on the go with digital downloads ranging from 480×270 to 1280×720. It’s going to look shit whichever version you choose, so I wouldn’t worry too much about resolution.

Actually, who am I kidding? 720 all the way bitchezzz.

You can pointlessly ‘pre-order’ a download here.

Probably the most practical format available (boring!), the DVD includes a 24-page booklet, a free A2 poster and even a variety of bonus features, including two short films (Mac and Plak, Blood of Havana) and 18 minutes of deleted scenes. Ouch.

It also has some very nice cover art. Oooo!

This pre-order might actually be worth doing. You get the DVD a week before release. That said, it’s quite a bit cheaper on Amazon.

This is where things get silly/brilliant. Korine has individually created, and customised by hand, 300 copies of the film on VHS. Each comes in a totally unique vandalised package, like the rather beautiful example on the left.

150 are PAL and 150 are NTSC so get them while they’re hot. But beware, they’re not cheap.

Finally, a very limited edition is being released on 35mm film print. Five (count ’em) 35mm-gauge acetate-based theatrical film prints, consisting of four 1000 foot film reels, will be available – each one held in a print case hand-designed by Korine.

The price? A steal at £7500.

I e-mailed Warp to ask if they’d give me one of them, and was told…

‘Might be able to give you a print if you prove you have a 35mm projector at home to play it…’

Maybe next time.