Blu-ray Round-Up: August Edition

Monday August 30th 2010

Bringing Lynch’s Blu-ray count to three (we previously reviewed The Elephant Man and INLAND EMPIRE), this new transfer of his 2001 masterpiece is every bit as grainy and beautiful as you’d hope. I saw it at Somerset House just a few weeks ago and even compared to that magical evening, the Blu is a wholly satisfying experience. Extras are high-quality but standard-definition.

Now all I need is a Twin Peaks Blu-ray box set and I can die happy.

Almost two years after Criterion released their exemplary US Blu-ray of The Third Man, the Studio Canal Collection have ably done the same over here. It’s a different transfer to the Criterion version and apparently it’s not as good, but unless you’re a total ponce the difference is probably unnoticeable. All in all, a thing of beauty.

It feels like this has already been released on Blu-ray about a thousand times (it hasn’t) but in any case, it’s hard to imagine it ever looking better than it does here. Studio Canal’s Blus are so uniformly awesome that reviewing them can get hideously banal. Amazing. End of.

I’ve never seen any of the BFI’s Blu-rays before because they’re SO. FUCKING. EXPENSIVE. but after seeing this one, I might have to start breaking the bank. The menu’s alone are a work of art (one area Studio Canal aren’t so solid on), beautifully understated and elegant. The film looks alright too.

It’s entirely devoid of extras, although the back of the case does include the heading ‘Special features’, under which it says:

High definition presentation of Tokyo Story.

Who’d have thunk it?