Kristen Stewart

Saturday April 11th 2009

Kristen Stewart was born in the nineties.

She’s been in 22 movies and earns a salary of over $2,000,000.

At least three of those movies are top qual.

She has an incredibly neat IMDb page, largely due to the fact that she has never appeared on a TV show.

She has a wealth of cool Hollywood pals, not least the Twilight cast, proof of which can be found in this hilarious Twitter escapade that happened a couple of weeks ago:

To be honest though, I’m at a loss as to why Robert Pattinson would steal Kristen Stewart’s phone and Twitter ‘I love my friends! Robert’s sexy beast!’

Mr. Pattinson would do well to brush up on his grammatical skills.

She’s going out with Michael Angarano, that loser from The Forbidden Kingdom.

She’s bare hood: