Guerilla marketing gets a taste of its own medicine

Thursday September 2nd 2010

I went to Berlin recently (LOOK AT ME IN BERLIN) and if there’s one thing Germany’s capital has a lot of, it’s graffiti. And branches of Lidl, but mainly graffiti.

Inevitably, film distributors have decided its high time they get in on the act and start spraying their banal promotional crap on walls too. The above A-Team stencil (my GCSE German makes that ‘Problem? Call the A-Team!’) was all over the city while I was there, and it’s full of jaunty angles and rough edges to convince you it wasn’t the result of a multi-million dollar marketing campaign.

Luckily, the day before I left somebody took to the streets to make a few corrections:

If only there was an equally efficient method of eradicating shit like this.