Cats & Dogs puns from around the world

Sunday September 12th 2010

I promise I’ll shut up about it soon, but first here’s one more thing from my recent trip around Europe: a look at the posters for Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore in four different languages. As you might expect, they’re mad punny.

‘Genau wie echte spione nur flauschiger.’

Rough translation:
‘Like the real spies, only fluffy.’

I was disappointed to translate this and find out that, strictly speaking, it doesn’t contain a pun. But as mind-numbingly banal taglines go, this is a real winner nonetheless.

‘Prrrofesionální Špión’

Rough translation:
‘Purrrfessional Spies’

This one’s pretty good. And it’s interesting to find out that ‘purr’ in Czech is ‘prrr’. Presumably Czech cats have real trouble understanding everybody else at international meetings.

‘Mint az igazi kémek… csak szörösebbek.’

Rough translation:
‘Like the real spies… only [?]’

Although I suspect this may be the same tagline as the German poster, my inability to find a suitable translation for ‘szörösebbek’ gives me hope that there’s actually an intenesly clever pun buried in there somewhere. Give me a shout on Twitter if you can confirm this.

‘Courez-y avant la miaoüt!’

Rough translation:
‘Run this before mid-August!’

I have literally no idea what this means.