A thing about TV marathons

Saturday September 4th 2010

I don’t watch a whole lot of TV (although that new Simon Amstell sitcom is quite good – amirite? amirite?) so it’s rare that I get too obsessed with a particular series. Of the various drama box sets I’ve struggled through, only three have really kept me up all night and they are Twin Peaks, Lost and (groan) The Wire.

A couple of years ago, I went to an event at the Curzon Soho called ‘The Wire Weekender’. Basically it was 400 Guardian journalists in a room watching the disappointing fifth season of the popular police drama – in its entirety – across a weekend. There were also Q&As and stuff with the guy who created the show and some of the cast (McNulty FTW).

Now, two additional events have been announced that could (if I hadn’t been slightly put off by the experience) complete my trilogy…

Prince Charles Cinema – Monday 13th to Thursday 16th September

‘Avid followers of smash-hit TV series Lost are invited to test their dedication to the show by enduring the ultimate fan challenge, as they attempt to watch all 121 episodes back-to-back in the UK’s first ever public TV marathon.’


Battersea Arts Centre – Saturday 23rd to Sunday 24th October

‘Buy a ticket to the building for a ‘Lynch lock-in’ comprising installations and performances across BAC, including a 30 hour all-nighter screening of Twin Peaks presented in all of its cinematic glory in BAC’s Grand Hall.’


Lost will presumably be shown from Blu-ray but inevitably the Twin Peaks Weekender will be a DVD job. Still, 30 episodes is easier than 121 whichever way you look at it. Even if at least 8 of them are a bit crap.

Incidentally, I tried to blag myself a copy of the upcoming Lost Blu-ray collection and although I didn’t quite manage that, I did get hold of the sixth season. And fuck me does Lost look nice on Blu-ray. The entire collection is hard to fault apart from one thing:

Why won’t you let me throw you away?