Back to the point in time in which Back to the Future was released

Monday September 6th 2010

As with a lot of films made in the 1980s, I’m inclined to dislike Back to the Future because I dislike a lot of people who like Back to the Future. Unfortunately for me, the film itself is so ridiculously amazing that I can’t even pretend it’s crap (like I do with (500) Days of Summer).

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the film’s release Universal are throwing it back into cinemas nationwide on October 1st, and last week an audience of excitable nerds poured into the uncomfortable seats of the Empire Leicester Square for a special advance screening. I was among them.

Having not seen the film since the age of 11, there were plenty of beautiful little subtleties I’d missed the first time round, and all in all I was almost forced to agree with a friend who referred to it as…

‘the best-written film ever’

The new print is equally perfect, and puts my well-worn VHS copy to shame. If you get a chance to see this during the re-release, grab it. If not, Universal are doing us all a favour and putting the entire trilogy on Blu-ray on October 25th.

Unfortunately even 1080p can’t save Part III…