Belated Review: My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done?

Saturday September 11th 2010

I went to see My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done? the other week and then completely forgot to write about it. For this I apologise, and I hope I can makes amends by describing to you in limited detail why the film is quite good.

My Son… is this year’s second clumsily-titled American cop drama from the nutty auteur himself, Werner Herzog, after the superior Bad Lieutenant. Indisputable acting god Michael Shannon plays the killer who barracades himself inside his house after killing his mother, while other amazing people like Chloë Sevigny and Willem Dafoe stand around looking beautiful outside.

It’s produced by David Lynch and it shows. There’s a dwarf, plenty of surreal theatrical bits, and even regular Lynch-collaborator Grace Zabriskie, who still frequents my nightmares as her character from INLAND EMPIRE:

Good times.

It might well be the fucking slowest 91 minutes of your life, but as a companion piece to Bad Lieutenant and yet another portrait of obsession, madness, identity, etc. etc. etc. from MegaHerz, it does its job pretty well.