Wednesday September 8th 2010

A veritable mob of journalists descended on the Odeon Leicester Square this morning for the press launch of the 54th BFI London Film Festival. Like most of them, I was half going for the announcements and half going for the free croissants, so I was disappointed to find that Robbie Collin from the News of the World had already eaten them all by the time I got there.

Bravely, I battled on into the auditorium and took a seat. What followed was 50% slightly tedious speeches (you can read over some of my tweets here if you really haven’t got much to do today) and 50% slightly exciting promo reel. I won’t go into the films right now because you can view them in much more detail at the ever-brilliant LFF website, but safe to say: they’re pretty much what you expect.

As we trundled out past the early morning revelers of the Leicester Square Wetherspoons, we were handed the famous London Film Festival goody bag. It’s a sort of canvas satchel this year, which is easily better than last year’s silver monstrosity, and it has all this shit in it:

Finally, just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, I was hand-delivered the following…

[Thanks Sanam!]

I’ll probably bore you with a 30 Must See list or something later in the week, but until then, I’m issuing a formal command for all readers of this blog to go and pick up a copy of the programme. It’s a masterpiece of colour-coding.