Win half a packet of ‘Observe and Report’ mints

Wednesday April 15th 2009

So everyone at the Observe and Report screening the other night got given a little packet of mints for some reason. It looks more like a lip balm but it’s actually a packet of mints. Here’s a photo:

Anyway, we ate about half of them but the rest CAN BE YOURS and all you have to do is answer one simple question:

Are you or your guest called Paul?
 Yes No

Full Name


Whoever thinks of the biggest number (infinity is not a number) will get the packet of mints. I think there are about 13 in there but that’s not a guarantee.

WARNING: If you eat these and get ill or something it’s quite obviously not my fault. I did drop one on the floor at one point and then put it back in the packet so they’re probably not technically safe to eat. Equally, Warner Brothers has absolutely no part in this so don’t go crying to them either. It was all this person‘s idea anyway.

Good luck! Winner announced at some point in the future.