Some stuff what I did last night

Wednesday April 15th 2009

I went to see two films last night and I can’t really tell you about either of them yet because of the MIGHTY EMBARGOES (I had to sign paper so it’s proper serious) but what I can do is ramble pointlessly in vague and ambiguous terms. Oh, and I saw James McAvoy on the way there.

The Last House on the Left
Haven’t seen the original (obviously) so I wasn’t really fussed whether or not this turned out to be quite alright. It’s not out until some ridiculous date over here anyway so I wouldn’t get too worried about it yet.

I hate seeing horror films with film critics because if they’re not loudly acknowledging every horror film cliche with a derisive ‘I’m so above this’ snort, then they’re laughing ironically at the goriest or most horrific moments. It’s like some sort of sub-Rocky-Horror particpation game in which the aim is to be the most pretencious wanker in the room.

And obviously they’ve all seen the original a million times and remakes are always terrible so what’s the point in them even bothering? It’s a waste of their precious time.

If you are interested in this film then watch the ambitious but not entirely successful trailer.

Observe and Report
Actually this is out pretty soon (April 24th) so its probably fair game.

I got some free mints at the screening which you can win here but I’m not kidding when I say that the film itself is EVEN BETTER than free mints.

Seth Rogen is tour-de-france and director Jody Hill is ‘the future’ by anybody’s standards. The music is great and so is everything else.

This is NOT another pseudo-Judd-Apatow comedy. It’s a bit of a mess, no doubt, but it’s special.


Yes, 9/10.

[Inset obligatory mention of Seth Rogen losing a lot of weight recently]

This must be the longest post ever.