London Town

Tuesday September 21st 2010

After missing about a dozen screenings over the last month, I finally went off to see Ben Affleck’s sophomore directorial effort The Town on Sunday night at a special screening at the Odeon West End. We were promised not only the film, but also a Q&A with the big man himself, as well as co-star Rebecca Hall.

It was in Screen 1, which despite it’s increasingly questionable sound system, remains my favourite cinema auditorium in London. If there’s one downside to the magnificent setting however, it’s that the large stage at the front does encourage twats to put their coats and/or other miscellaneous shit on it, like it’s some sort of cloakroom rather than a clearly visible plain directly between the audience and the film.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the audience was full of old people.

After a half hour wait and a lot of bored tweeting, the film began.

It’s pretty average. Jeremy Renner and Rebecca Hall are predictably great, and it would benefit humanity massively if Ben Affleck was made to direct every action movie from this point onwards, but equally there’s loads of shit that leads nowhere and the romance plot feels clunky and undeveloped.

People seemed pretty excited by Jon Hamm too, but for my money there’s only one primetime TV star worthy of an ‘OMG IT’S HIM!’ moment in the film…

Glad to see he’s doing OK after that incident on the cliff.

I left a few minutes into the Q&A because I could tell it was going to be a long one, but before my departure I did ‘snap’ a few ‘pics’ to prove it all actually happened. Here’s one:

Yes, I really was 10 feet away from the brother of Casey Affleck. I’ve arrived.