Blu of the week: The Killer Inside Me

Monday September 27th 2010

Michael Winterbottom’s The Killer Inside Me, which as I’ve already pointed out is both amazing and fantastic, is out on (DVD and) Blu-ray today and it is well worth exchanging some currency for.

It’s an exemplary transfer (I’m almost tempted to use the word ‘lush’) and while it might not seem like the kind of film you’re going to stick on on a Sunday afternoon, you’d be surprised what a satisfying repeat watch it is.

AND! The ‘cast and crew interviews’ included are some of the worst I’ve ever seen. Standard definition video, Windows Movie Maker-style titles and audio that sounds like it was recorded on one of those little pens with a dictaphone inside.

Nonetheless, this is worth your money.

– – –

[While we’re on the subject: the fact that Empire can call a film ‘near faultless’ and then give it four stars raises serious questions about the films they give five stars. Are we supposed to believe that Kick-Ass, Winter’s Bone and Precious are literally faultless? Jus’ sayin’ is all.]