State of Play in 10 easy steps

Thursday April 16th 2009

  1. I watched the original BBC series when it first went out but I can’t remember it. I think it was pretty good.
  2. The trailer made the whole thing look so disastrous that I arrived at the screening expecting 2 hours of tip top rubs.
  3. There was another blogger at the screening for once (under 20 + headphones round neck = blogger). If you’re reading this, get in touch. We can hang out and talk about Animal Collective.
  4. Ian Hislop was at the screening.
  5. The beginning bit of the film is all about traditional print media vs. blogs so we were all very excited about that. Especially me and my blog friend.
  6. You might describe the cast as…
  7. It’s got that guy from the still-fucking-terrible Orange Wednesday adverts in it. I kept expecting scenes to fade to black and then have a hilarious little comment from him.
  8. At some point, someone will describe this as a British movie. It’s not.
  9. You can tell because it’s good.
  10. Very good. 8/10 good.