3 takes on Enter The Void

Tuesday September 28th 2010

Last Thursday – 10:30pm – Rio Cinema, Dalston
2 hours into Enter the Void

This is such a mess. It seriously needs to end soon. Sure, the opening titles were pretty much the best thing since ever, but that doesn’t excuse 2+ hours of endless (admittedly amazingly well-executed) crap.

Yesterday – 10am – Number 38 bus
4 days after Enter the Void

Now that I stop and think about it, that actually had a very clever structure. Even the bits that dragged were pretty essential. And Jesus Christ was that bit at the beginning incredible. And the bit in the middle! And the bit towards the end!

Two days from now – 8pm – A cinema somewhere
1 week after Enter the Void

Enter the Void is like, totally the best film ever. Every single moment is exquisitely realised, breathtakingly bold and yet somehow subtle. I am so fucking stoked to see it again, even if it reminds me it’s not that great.