Buried and that

Thursday September 30th 2010

Has anyone else got a cold at the moment? I have, and it’s not helpful when I’m trying to watch a movie. My throat closes up, my nose aches and my eyes water so much that I look like I’m in tears over the slightest dramatic incident.

The point I’m trying to make is that, when I went to see Buried on Tuesday, I was predisposed to feel claustrophobic. But it still wasn’t totally effective.

I’ll sum it up in five points, if that’s OK with you:

1. It is indeed set in a box. Hooray for that.

2. Ryan Reynolds is great, and I struggle to think of another actor who could have done the job better. I would like to see a gender-swap remake with Amy Adams though.

3. It actually manages to do the orange/teal grading thing quite legitimately, due to most of the lighting coming from either a mobile phone or a lighter.

4. It’s too long, it loses all sense of direction at the 60 minute mark, and so much of the action is phone-based that after a while it starts to feel like an audiobook.

5. 6/10.