The London Film Festival: One Week Away

Wednesday October 6th 2010

It’s becoming quite a hassle to write it out each time, so non-London readers should take it as read from now on that I’m sorry for being such an arrogant London-centric bastard. I really don’t mean to exclude you, and I’m going to make a concerted effort to widen my horizons over the coming months. Take this weekend: I’m going all the way to Brighton.

That said, London is amazing and everywhere else is shit because we have the LFF and everywhere else doesn’t. Face facts, ‘Manchester’.

The festival kicks off a week from today with the opening night gala of Mark Romanek’s Never Let Me Go. With any luck I’ll be there, subtlely TwitPic-ing photos of Keira Knightley, so give me a shout if you’re going too.

In the meantime, the press screenings continue, and I’ve already seen more than five (six) films from the programme. Some stuff is really great and some stuff is really awful, MUCH LIKE LIFE ITSELF.

One that’s particularly disappointing is The American, although I don’t think it helped that I saw it in the most packed-out screening of all time. They had to turn critics away at the door, such was the allure of The Cloons.

‘In other news’, Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere has been added to the programme for a single screening at the fucking awesome Odeon West End on Wednesday 27th. Obviously this rules it out as the Surprise Film, so… Brighton Rock, yeah?

If you are in/near London, don’t forget that tickets are still available for some of the crapper films, or alternatively, you can try your luck in the returns queue for Submarine.

See you at the festival!

(Don’t talk to me though. I’m busy.)