More like The American’t

Friday October 15th 2010

Am I crazy or was Control quite good at the time? I only ask because since then, I’ve only been disappointed by everyone involved. Sam Riley has become a byword for ‘fucking crap’ and Anton Corbijn has just made The American, which is totally rubbish as well.

It’s a surprisingly conventional thriller with almost nothing to set it apart from the many other self-consciously ‘subtle’ character studies of recent years. Clooney is good, but he’s been better, and sure the whole thing looks nice, but so does Avatar.

Apart from anything else, you know you’re in trouble when Sandra Hebron resorts to complimenting the scenery in her write-up:

‘Equally impressive is the film’s magnificent setting, with the village of Castel del Monte bringing its own sense of suspense and isolation.’

I demand an Oscar for the village of Castel del Monte.