Wednesday October 20th 2010

Have you heard about this guy Xavier Dolan? He’s a French Canadian director who brought his first feature film to Cannes at the age of twenty. This year, his sophomore directorial effort Les Amours Imaginaires (which has been shittily renamed Heartbeats for the English-language market) comes to the London Film Festival. But he’s not just the director. Oh no. Among his credits are:

As you might imagine, it makes for some faintly ridiculous end credits.

Heartbeats (urgh) is a very stylish film, often at the expense of substance. With its retro soundtrack and abundance of references to Audrey Hepburn and James Dean, it’s part of a very specific genre of slightly pretentious, slightly irrelevant Nouvelle Vague throwbacks that are nonetheless pretty decent.

And this is the decentist I’ve seen in some time. Dolan, I salute you.