Overdue Movie Review: Shifty

Sunday April 19th 2009

Why is it only ever British films that have landscape-orientated posters?

Shifty is the directorial debut of British director Eran Creevy and as you can see it’s got actor/rapper Riz Ahmed (who did Post 9/11 Blues), Daniel Mays (Nettle from Atonement) and Jason ‘Primeval’ Flemyng in it.

It was made for £100,000, shot in 18 days and funded by the usual range of benefactors (UK Film Council, BBC Films, National Lottery, Film London, Microwave etc.)

And it’s not very good.

How ‘not very good’ you ask?

Let’s just say it’s still only my second favourite Shifty…

Don’t get me wrong, the acting, writing and direction are all perfectly competent, and the film looks pretty good too considering the budget. But it’s just so incredibly dull, predictable and unexciting. Shame really.

Still, at least we’ve still got…