Les Petits Mouchoirs

Wednesday October 20th 2010

I don’t remember much about Guillaume Canet’s 2006 thriller Tell No One, but I remember liking it. Four years later and he’s back with Les Petits Mouchoirs (Little White Lies), a drama about a group of friends on holiday in the south of France.

Starring Marion Cotillard and some other French people who weren’t in Inception, the film is undeniably subtle, affecting and – at times – masterfully directed. Unfortunately, it’s also totally forgettable.

It seems to be a recurring theme at the London Film Festival this year. While I’ve only seen a few films that are out and out shit, the vast majority are entirely competent but also entirely unremarkable. I still hold out hope for Black Swan, Submarine, Catfish and the like, but unless the situation begins to change, I fear this could be a year to forget.

And that would be a shame.