Blu-ray Break: The Evil Dead

Tuesday October 19th 2010

I can’t spend the whole of October rabbiting on about the London Film Festival, so for you idiots outside ‘The Big Smoke’ here’s a review of the new Evil Dead blu-ray release.

It’s awesome.

Given that it was shot in 1981 on 16mm, the transfer on the Blu-ray is an absolute miracle. It looks grainy (but not too grainy), vibrant (but not too vibrant) and generally amazing (possibly too amazing). It’s easily the best version of The Evil Dead I’ve seen since that time Raimi invited me round to his house and performed the whole thing for me in his front room. Less nudity though.

The extras are pretty dope too, particularly a ‘picture-in-picture’ setting where you can see interviews with people who’ve been influenced by the film alongside the film itself. Most of them are the sort of people that the Frightfest audience would take a bullet for, e.g. the producer of Re-Animator, whereas personally I was excited to see David Slade. You know, from Twilight.

If there’s any doubt left in your mind as to whether or not you’ll love this Blu-ray, I’ll leave it to the packaging to have the final word:

Fuck off back to the kitchen, ‘women’.