Jackass 3D

Thursday October 28th 2010

I don’t know about you, but if there’s one thing I’m not looking for in the Jackass franchise, it’s progression. Like most other ongoing film series *critical snort*, each iteration is pretty much the same as the last, but in Jackass‘ case it can only be a good thing. Sure, they may have more money and more years behind them (Knoxville, now almost 40, is finally starting to show his age) but the enthusiasm the team have for fun, destruction and a variety of genitalia-based scrapes certainly hasn’t diminished.

Once again doubling the budget of its predecessor to $20 million (it made more than double that in its opening weekend Stateside), this is a noticeably sleeker Jackass entry, thanks largely to the transition into three dimensions. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your standpoint) the 3D is fairly disposable for most of the movie and sadly it turns the traditionally epic opening title sequence into a slightly lame, gimmick-laden 3D-a-thon, but when it works… it really fucking works.

Technologically, it’s one of the most innovative and imaginative uses of 3D yet, in particular the scenes shot on a high speed 3D Phantom camera, constructing exclusively for the production. Offering spectacular, hilarious and often disgusting sights in a level of depth never before seen, Jackass 3D is a worthy addition to the canon of decent 3D movies, whatever some people may think…

As ever though, the best bits are not the ‘Big Money Scenes’ but the small-scale, seemingly improvised scenes that have been a staple of the series since the TV show, and it’s telling that the 3D is barely noticeable (if used at all) during these moments.

In short: It’s the same as the last two. See it.