Sunday October 31st 2010

Still reeling from the collective scorn of 1500 bitter horror fans after he pulled the film from Frightfest at the last minute, ex-enfant terrible indie king Gregg Araki brought his sci-fi sexfest Kaboom to the LFF on Wednesday and I was totally there watching it, yo.

I’m hardly an Araki completist (anyone want to lend me Mysterious Skin?) but I love Smiley Face more than Sandra Hebron loves tall shoes so I figured I’d be on safe ground with Kaboom.

And for a while, I was. The first hour is sexy, funny and unbearably indie in the most endearing way possible, and the cast are uniformly impressive (including Juno Temple, whose topless scenes made me concerned that the screening was actually an elaborate sting and we were all going to end up on the sex offenders register).

Unfortunately, as is so often the case, it all went downhill in the last half hour.

Maybe I’m just not cool enough to fully appreciate the power of The Araki, but there was a lot of laughing going on that I wasn’t party to, and a lot of total crap that the rest of the audience seemed to have missed.

In either case, I’m right and they’re wrong.