A look back at the 54th London Film Festival

Tuesday November 2nd 2010

The 54th London Film Festival came to a disappointing end last week, after two full weeks of press screenings, gala premieres and hastily-designed festival posters <cough>Never Let Me Go</cough>.

I saw 26 films in total, all but three of which were on my 30 Must See Films list.

As ever, the festival saw its fair share of stinkers, including but not limited to Cannes snorefest Uncle Boonmee, poetry disaster Howl and unsurprising ‘Surprise Film’ Brighton Rock.

Luckily, there were also plenty of treats in store if you were willing to look for them. Catfish, Another Year, The Kids Are All Right and Somewhere will all shortly be appearing on my Best of 2010 list, while Blue Valentine, Tabloid and film-of-the-festival Submarine will be heading up next year’s list whenever it materialises.

Special thanks go to Sanam Jehanfard and everybody else at Premier PR for carrying my throne between the limo and the Vue for those early-morning press screenings, Sandra Hebron and all the festival staff for keeping everything running so smoothly, and of course, Jameson Irish Whiskey for regularly pumping me full of free booze.

With the barren winter film calendar approaching, and then nothing but awards season to keep me entertained until next October, you’ll forgive me for counting down the days.

Bring on LFF ’11!