LOLs and ROFLs at the Jackass 3D IMAX Premiere

Thursday November 4th 2010

Along with a dozen competition winners, various ‘industry types’ and half the cast of The Inbetweeners, I went to the Jackass 3D premiere on Tuesday night at the BFI IMAX. We arrived ridiculously early, but luckily there were plenty of ‘fun activities’ (they were actually quite fun) in the foyer to keep us entertained.

There was also an open bar. Fuck yeah.

This is a little person in a leotard wrestling a big person in a leotard. Obviously. Behind them is the ‘Human Fly Wall’, complete with velcro suits and a bouncy launch pad.

Here I am upside-down on the wall, and before you ask, no I’m not three feet tall – my legs are hanging off the wall so they look foreshortened. Honest.

No seriously, I’m 6′. Look at the marks on my wall if you don’t believe me.

Look! It’s Preston Lacy! Of Jackass 3D fame! And with him, a man who agreed to have Johnny Knoxville’s autograph tattooed onto his neck in exchange for entry to the premiere. I didn’t have the heart to tell him I had a spare ticket.

The full cast were in attendance, and came out before the movie to say almost nothing into a microphone. Or maybe I just couldn’t hear them because the man sitting behind me was still screaming ‘NICE TITS’ at the woman who introduced them. True story.

And yes, that is Spike Jonze.

The after party was held in what can only be described as a broom closet in Holborn, which is quite hard to see in the photo above because a) it’s not a very good photo and b) there were about 23,000 people there.

Most of them just seemed quite upset that the actual stars were in the VIP area upstairs.

Before long the fun began, as partially naked ladies took to the stage with flaming torches and oversized champagne glasses. They must have been quite tired by the end of the night because it seemed to go on forever.

That is until this man took over, treating the now-thinning crowd to his own unique dance stylings. I really, really hope he was one of my competition winners. That would make me very happy.

Did I mention there was yet another open bar? Well there was, and YOU BETTER BELIEVE that we made the most of it for 3 or 4 hours that we were there. At one point I even had a ‘Jägerbomb’.

And then the night ended without incident.