Star Trek

Tuesday April 21st 2009

I woke up very early yesterday morning to go and see Star Trek. I was excited, but not that excited.

I got the tube because I thought there would probably be quite bad traffic on the bus at that time. I fell asleep for a bit and then bought one of those little non-Red Bull energy drinks (62p, Tesco Haymarket) to keep me awake.

I crossed the road to avoid this:

Two Vitamin Water vans giving away free Vitamin Water and playing George Michael at full volume. It was 9:30 in the morning. Why can’t the people over at Vitamin Water just accept the fact that no-one likes Vitamin Water? I have worked in two offices that have both been given LITERAL CRATES of the stuff in the hope that they’ll mention it to their friends or something. I have been given a handful of bottles on the street on THREE SEPERATE OCCASIONS. And I still hate it. Give up.

They had bacon sandwiches at the screening and I really wanted one but I felt a bit sick from the energy drink so I hung back.

Star Trek… is incredible.

It looks amazing, it’s verrrrrry exciting, it’s solidly original, it’s not just for the fans, it’s not not for the fans, it’s almost perfect. It’s got motherfucking Tyler Perry in it.

JJ Abrams has officially redeemed himself for Cloverfield at this point. Well done JJ, have a sticker.

It contains the word ‘fucking’ 10 minutes in. To be fair, it’s in the context of a Beastie Boys song, but still, that’s pretty transgressive for the Trek.

The best thing about it is the cast. There are no big stars but not in a sort of look-at-us-we’ve-got-no-big-stars way (*cough* Cloverfield *cough*) because they’re all the sort of people who make you say ‘Oh, cool, it’s him from…’ when they pop up in movies:

Left to right:
Chris Pine from Bottle Shock
Zachary Quinto from Heroes
John Cho from Harold & Kumar
Karl Urban from Lord of the Rings
Simon Pegg from Hot Fuzz (Americans don’t know him as well as we do)
Zoe Saldana from Vantage Point
Anton Yelchin from Charlie Bartlett
Winona Ryder from the 90s.

In other news, this is so good we’ve added it to our Best of 2009 list. Go see it.