Ultra Culture Cinema: Catfish

Wednesday November 24th 2010

After a four month hiatus (if we can’t do The Social Network we won’t do anything) Ultra Culture Cinema finally returned to the ICA in December 2010 for the year’s most important Christmas party, jam packed with fun, games and an exclusive preview of the year’s best film, Catfish.

Upon arrival in the ICA foyer, guests were treated to a variety of treats, including mince pies, cookies, milk and reindeer food (carrots). There was, unsurprisingly, ‘much revelry’ but we still ended up with about 14 pints of milk left over.

Each lucky attendee was also given an exclusive copy of the Ultra Culture Review of the Year 2010, a 38-page zine featuring interviews, reviews, our end-of-year awards and of course, our very special cover star, Sandra ‘Who am I?’ Hebron.

Soon the fun began with a live version of popular 90s cringefest Blind Date (cos da film has like a blind date innit yeh?). Contestants were selected (after a lot of hassling) from the audience and then our lucky lady had a chance to ask them a few (scripted) questions. Here’s a slightly rubbish video:

Good work by professional Edward Norton lookalike David there, as the wall.

And just when we thought the fun was over, who burst through the door but FATHER FUCKING CHRISTMAS HIMSELF!

Distributing a whole host of beautiful-wrapped pressies from his sack (Jingle All the Way on VHS anyone?) Saint Nick granted us a brief interview before returning to his workshop to finish up in time for Christmas. It’s his busy period after all.

With the festival mood firmly underway, it was time for the film begin. But first, another one of our patented intro videos starring Ultra Culture favourite (and aforementioned Father Christmas) Charlie Lyons…

Then the film was shown, to the most enthusiastic, receptive and troublingly sexy audience we’ve had at Ultra Culture Cinema yet. It went down a veritable storm.

But the fun didn’t stop there.

The first 48 people into the bar were given a FREE COPY of Lesbian Vampire Killers on DVD as a reward, and before long our special UCC DJs Sam Christmas Wolfson and his assistant Dora the early-noughties pop explorer took to ‘the decks’ and treated the baying crowd to a selection of amazing musical explosions. And only 3 people came over to say ‘we’re trying to have a meal’.

The fun continued until 1, at which point they put the lights on and told us to turn off Nelly.

A few tweets from the night:

He pulled it off again. Somehow. #ultraculturecinema some shits and giggles. Also a ducking awesome film. @boydcape

Right, Catfish is a brilliant film, @ultraculture cinema 5 was a brilliant night and I said hello to Charlie Lyons. Which was brilliant.@Lee_Bradley

Who would have thought the best (?) film of the year would come out so late in the day? Catfish at @ultraculture was awesome! Thanks!@coffeedoughnuts

Well done @ultraculture. #UCC5 was a success and Catfish was great. Celeb spot of the night, Santa Claus @sam_clements

Last nights @ultraculture cinema was awesome. Catfish only surpassed by the Destiny’s Child/Beyonce medley in the bar afterwards. @lukesnellin

Big thanks to Optimum Releasing, Momentum Pictures and Warp Films for providing prizes and even bigger thanks to James McLoughlin, Simon Renshaw and Tash O’Byrne for helping out on the day.

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