Slating your past work is so hot right now

Wednesday November 24th 2010

“I was such a huge fan of [Amy Adams]. We’d actually had the luxury of having lunch before to talk about another movie, and it was a bad movie that I did. She dodged the bullet. I don’t want to tell you what movie… All right, The Happening with M. Night Shyamalan. It is was it is. Fucking trees, man, the plants. Fuck it. You can’t blame me for wanting to try to play a science teacher.”

– Mark Wahlberg during a press conference for The Fighter

Ever since Matthew Goode and Shia LaBoeuf started owning up about their past mistakes, everybody in Hollywood is getting in the action. Marky Mark finally stepped up to the plate this week, and his target couldn’t have been much softer: ol’ Shyamalan was in for yet another bruising.

Of course, there’s a chance that Wahlberg genuinely believes that the The Happening is the film he needs to apologise for (it’s not – he’s made three movies worse than it this year alone) but on the other hand, it might just be possible that he’s happy to upset Dr. M. Night (who appears to have become the one person it’s ‘OK to hate’ in Hollywood), but would rather stay on the right side of people like Peter Jackson and Adam McKay, whose reputations remain remarkably unscathed by recent travesties.

So let’s hold off on the applause just yet, shall we?