DVD Corner: The Hammer & Tongs Collection

Saturday November 27th 2010

Normally when I’ve been sent a check disc, I like to leave it on my desk for a week, then drop it down the back of the sofa, then wait until I get an e-mail saying ‘have you watched that check disc yet?’, then spend half an hour looking for it, and then finally watch fifteen minutes and review it.

But when The Hammer & Tongs Collection arrived yesterday morning, it quite literally went straight in the player.

Similar to but not technically part of Palm Pictures’ Directors Label series, the DVD collects together dozens of amazing music videos, short films and other nonsense from directing-producing super duo Garth Jennings and Nick Goldsmith.

And it’s got the fucking best menus I’ve ever seen:

Those stills don’t do them justice. They move and stuff as well.

But best of all is the half-hour ‘Home Movies’ segment, full of impossibly charming little behind the scenes videos from promo shoots, awards ceremonies, Hitchhiker’s Guide, Son of Rambow and more.

The DVD is available on Amazon for £13.99 and I recommend that you pick one up as soon as is physically possible. In the meantime, here’s what can only be described as one of the best music videos ever made in the history of ever-ness: