Unusual embargoes of our time: Green Hornet

Wednesday December 1st 2010

I went to see Michel Gondry’s much-anticipated superhero comedy The Green Hornet on Monday, but I’m not allowed to review it… ever.

And I quote:

‘As this is not the final 3D version of THE GREEN HORNET, no reviews must run from this screening. With your attendance you agree not to publish any reports or reviews in print, TV, radio or online (including Blogging, Forums, Online Chats, Tweeting, Facebook etc) from this screening.’

So basically, until they’ve dragged me back in to see the missing dimension, I can’t even give my opinion in week of release. Although I’d like to see them keep tabs on all those ‘online chats’ I’m so famous for.

It’s out on January 14th so hopefully by then I’ll have seen it again and can fill you in on the film’s merits, be they wide, varied or barely perceptible.