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Thursday December 2nd 2010

I’ve had a bit of a beef with David O. Russell since I ♥ Huckabees (don’t get me started) so all my hopes for The Fighter (Bale! Wahlberg! Adams! Leo!) were undercut by a sneaking suspicion that it might be awful and annoying.

And at times, it is.

After an incredibly promising start (featuring one of the best title reveals of all time – OF ALL TIME) it slowly but surely edges further into the middle of the road, taking fewer risks and subverting fewer expectations.

Nonetheless, it’s a motherfucking tour de force by Christian Bale, who again resists the temptation to fall back on his ‘physical transformation’ and actually does some acting as well <cough>Gary Oldman</cough>.

0.696, but there’s a 0.84 trapped somewhere inside.